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WINNING NOTIFICATION! FILE FOR YOU CLAIM -[Wed, 19 Mar 2008 17:55:34 +0000]


REF No: OBS/231-ILGI0431/05
TICKET No: 205165463-7644
SERIAL No: 712-9768-98
LUCKY No: 8-21-97-44-65-66


Hello , We are pleased to inform you of the result of the Lottery Winners
International programs held on the 21st January 2008. Your E-mail address
attached to Ticket number 205165463-7644 with Serial number 712-9768-98 drew
the lucky numbers 8-21-97-44-65-66, which consequently won in the 1st
category; you have therefore been approved for a lump sum payout of
US$1,000,000.00 (One Million United State Dollars). This is from a total
cash prize of USD$12,000,000.00 Million shared amongst Twelve International
Lucky Winners in the Category A + (Plus). CONGRATULATIONS: This lottery is a promoti…


From: *** Euro Million Board *** ( Notification Dept) []

Internet User,

We are happy to inform you that your email address have emerged winner of (EUR 750,000) in Europe Million Lottery.

The online cyber draws was conducted from an exclusive list of 500,000 email addresses.
For more detailed information and procedure, please Contact Mr.Alfredo Perez on the below information.
Contact Person: Mr. Alfredo Perez
Tel: +34-658-898-208

Ref No : ESE/WIN/008/02/10/MA
Batch No: EULO/1007/444/606/08
Serial No: 6594
PROMOTION DATE: 5th September 2008.

Reply to this mail with your full name and telephone number.

Best Regards,
Mrs. Patricia Douet (Lottery co-ordinator).
Madrid, 8th September 2008.


From: Anita Ahmed []

Hello DearFOR YOUR KIND ATTENTION,Due to my careful search for
an honest, reliable and sincere business partner, i got your contact
from internet  and i ask if you can be trusted not to break an
agreement? Still, it took me time to make up my mind to contact you and
to offer you this proposal of mine of which my whole life depends on.
Please reply me on my personal email: anita_ahmed12@yahoo.comMy name
is Miss Anita Kaban, the daughter of Mr. Behki kaban Ahmed of blessed
memory from Zimbabwe, During the current crises against the farmers in
Zimbabwe from the supports of President Robert Mugabe to claim all the
white-owned farms to his party members and his followers, he ordered all
white farmers to  surrender all farms to his party members and his
followers. My father is One of the most successful multy farmers in our
country and because he did not support Mugabe`s ideas, Mugabes
supporters invaded his farm and burnt everything in the …


Microsoft Award Team
50 Craven Park, Harlesden London NW10 United Kingdom
Ref: UKNL-L/200-26937
Batch: 2005MJL-01

Dear sir/ madam

The prestigious Microsoft and Aol  has set out and sucessfully organised a Sweepstakes marking this  year 2008 anniversary, we rolled out over USDM40,459,864 for the new year Anniversary Draws.
Participants for the draws were randomly selected  and drawn from a wide range of web hosts which we enjoy their patronage. The selection was made through a computer draw system attaching personalised email addresses to ticket numbers.
If you ignore this, you will regret it later. Microsoft and AOL are now the largest Internet companies and in an effort to make sure that Internet Explorer remains the most widely used program, Microsoft and AOL are running an e-mail beta test.

Your email address as indicated was drawn and attached to ticket number 20511465463-7644 with serial numbers S/N-00168 and drew the lucky numbers 14-21-25-39-40-47(20) which subsequently won…


From: [] On Behalf Of celina doudou

Hello,Good day to you, I am so sorry for sending you this unsolicited and unexpected mail.
I got your contact from a Business Directory in my agents office and I decided to contact you directly for the sake of business.
My full Name is Mrs.celina doudou with my son Ibrahim  doudou   we are from (south africa) and I am in (U.A.E) now searching for a reliable and experience business partner.
I have about $10.5 Million Dollars and I would need your assistance in the area of developing it before investing it either here in (U.A.E) or any country of your choice under your guidance.
So I am only soliciting for your assistance to help me develope the currency and then invest.
My Business is totally free of risk and trouble.
If you are willing to invest in this business, please give me your confidential contact phone number so that my son ibrahim will call you and discuss on how to see face to …


From: Odance Nkotti []


I hope that  I am not embarrassing you with this mail because you did not expect it or know me before . but kindly rest asured that I have irresistible urge to write it believe me , the mail is an indication of love for you and happiness I shall always wish you .I am Miss Odance Nkotti  19 years old and the only Daughter of late Mr and Mrs Nkotti Osu the former president of Cote Ivoire chambers of Cocoa & Coffee Dealers Association .

My late father was very wealthy cocoa & coffee dealer my mother died after some years i was born and my father was poisoned to death by his political members .before his death my father told me that he made the next of kin of a fund,  he  deposited the sum of USD($2.5,000,000)DOLLARS only .

In the bank here, I went to the bank and confirm that my father really make me the next kin of this money , Now I want to  transfer the money into your account in your country because the people th…

ATTN : Sir/ Madam,

-----Original Message-----
From: Hugo Robert []
ATTN : Sir/ Madam,We are representing our corporate associate a member of the contract award
committee and 14 project allocation manager of the Department of Minerals
and Natural Resources in Cote d'Ivoire West Africa.I am in search of an agent to assist us in the transfer of ( USD$11.5M) and
subsequent investment in properties in your country. You will be required to.
(1) Assist in the transfer of the said funds
(2) Advise on lucrative areas for investment
(3) Assist us in purchase of properties or Profitable Business.If you decide to render your service to us in this regard, 20% of the total
sum of USD$11.5M will be for you. Thank you and God bless as I awaits in anticipation of your fullest
Mr Hugo Robert

Urgent Reply.......From Mr. Adams Evans

From: Adams Evans []

Dearest One,

After much consideration and prayer i have decided to tell you all about myself because i believe you can be of Assistance to me and my faith and believe in God led me to you i am the only son of my father,late Chief Chris Evans from Darfur,In Republic of Sudan.
My father was a wealthy Cocoa and Gold merchant in SUDAN before his untimely death. After his bussiness trip to Abidjan Cote d Ivoire to Negotiate on a Cocoa bussiness a week after he came back from Abidjan he was Assassinated with my mother by Arab Militia,Which my mother died instantly but my father died after five days in the hospitals.

My father disclosed to me that he Deposited the sum of US$15,500,000 in Abidjan,Cote d'Ivoire and the Documents covering the Exictance of the Fund is presently with me and he asked me to seek for a life time investment Abroad.

Right Now i am in Abidjan Cote D'ivoire and I have succeded in locating where the Fund is in A…

from miss sandra........

From: Sandra James []

from miss sandra.... I am writting this letter with due respect and heartful of tears since we
have not known or met ourselves previously I am asking for your assistance
after I have gone through a profile that speaks good of you. I want to find out if it's possible for you to deal with individual as to investment. I came across your profile and I feel it's highly reputable that is why I pick an interest getting across to you in respect of investment at my disposal. I will be so glad if you can allow me and lead me to the right channel towards your assistance to my situation now. I would like to use this opportunity to introduce myself to you.
I am sandra james 22Years Old Lady from (cote d ivore) ,the only daughter
of Late Micheal James , My father is now late he was a well known cocoa
and gold merchant business man in my country( cote d ivore) ,he was poisoned
by his co-business partner a year ago. The main reason why I am cont…


From: Guessan []

From : Lucie Guessan Abidjan, Ivory Coast
West Africa.


Dear Friend,

Permit me to inform you of our desire of going into business relationship with you. I am quite aware that my message will come to you as a surprise because it is indeed very strange for someone you have not met before to contact you in this regard.I amable to come across your personal email and here is what i want me and you to delibrate on how we can get
it out and then can be able to organise our futurelife.
I amLucie Guessan the only Daughter of late Mr and Mrs Kamara Guessan. My father was a very wealthy Coccoa merchant in Abidjan, the economic capital of Ivory coast, my father was poisoned to death at France by his business associates on one of their outings on a business trip on 29 June 2006 My mother died when I was a baby and since then my father took me so special. Before the death of my father in a private hospital here in A…

Hi dearest One

From: Carelle Kalou []

Hi dearest One      how are you together with your family? it is good writing you today however ,it is neither mandatory nor will I in any manner compel you to go against your will.  My name is Carelle Kalou .I am 22 years old, the only daughter and child of (Late) chief Joseph Kalou .     My father was a highly reputable Gold miner in Ivory coast during his days. It is sad to say that he passed away mysteriously during one of his business trips though, his sudden death was linked or rather suspected to have been masterminded by my uncle who travelled with him at that time. but God knows the truth!      My mother died when I was yet a kid,and since then my father took me so special. Before his death he called the secretary who accompanied him to the hospital and told him that he has the sum of  US$12,500,000  left in one of the leading Bank here in Abidjan, Ivory coast .He further told him that he deposited the money in my name,and fi…

From : Miss Loice Karia

From: loice karia []

From : Miss Loice Karia
Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire
West Africa.


Permit me to inform you of my desire of going into business relationship with you. I am quite aware that my message will come to you as a surprise because it is indeed very strange for someone you have not met before to contact you in this regard. I am Miss Loice Karia the only daughter of late Mr and Mrs Martin Karia. My father was a very wealthy Gold and  Coccoa merchant in Abidjan, the economic capital of Cote d'Ivoire, my father was poisoned to death by his business associates on one of their outings on a business trip .

My mother died when I was a baby in 1987 and since then my father took me so special. Before the death of my father on 5th November 2007 in a private hospital here in Abidjan he secretly called me on his bed side and told me that he has the sum of USD5.500,000,00 left in fixed / suspense account in one of the prime bank here in Abidjan,that …


From: jescor afera []
Your e-mail address attached to:Ref Number:LOTES/443/21/08/AZ,Batch No:SPNL/6578/SA/DA,Lucky No:76-08-95.23-444,
Serial No:WXYZ/55621,Ticket No:Your e-mail.Which consequently won a lump sum payout of
Euros 680,000,(SIX Hundred and EIGHTY Thousand Euros).
Contact your Appointed fiducial/claims agent for the process that will facilitate the immediate release of your
fund to you.
Dr.Edward Fisher
Managing Director
Loomis Spain, S.A.
Note:Note:All winnings MUST be claimed on or before the 08th of August, 2008.
Sincerely yours,Mrs.Juliet Lorenzo
Online Co-Ordinator.In 5 Schritten zur eigenen Homepage. Jetzt Domain sichern und gestalten!    
Nur 3,99 EUR/Monat!

Important account notice! (Tue, 22 Jul 2008 23:46:42 -0600)

From: Capital One bank []

Note: This is a service message regarding TowerNET Form.Dear customer:As part of the new security measures, all Capital One Bank business customers (including all former customers of North Fork bank) are required to complete TowerNET Form (or Treasury Optimizer Form). Please complete the form as soon as possible.To select your form please click on the following link: you for being a valued customer.Sincerely,Online Banking Team, 0x88, 0x60901785 0x97, 0x8, 0x39, 0x69562426, 0x5048, 0x033, 0x828, 0x320, 0x84345917 3NO: 0x0, 0x18453725, 0x3163, 0x51, 0x8, 0x97, 0x33, 0x4241, 0x2, 0x3075 0x161, 0x0386, 0x697, 0x864, 0x82, 0x18, 0x03, 0x699, 0x013, 0x5504, 0x475, 0x89, 0x53502628, 0x65157950 MNY: 0x89582918, 0x3133, 0x4246, 0x8910, 0x34, 0x71, 0x67,…