Mrs. Hayat Musah

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Subject: Mrs. Hayat Musah

Dear Sir,
Good day to you, I am so sorry for sending you this unsolicited and
unexpected E mail.
I got your contact from a Business Directory in my agents office and I
decided to contact you directly for the sake of business.
My full Name is Mrs Hayat Musah with my son Ibrahim Musah we are from
Liberia , I am searching for a reliable and experience
business partner.
I have about $10.3 Million Dollars and I would need your assistance in
the area of developing it before investing it in your country
under your guidance.
So I am only soliciting for your assistance to help me develope the
currency and then invest.
My Business is totally free of risk and trouble.
If you are willing to invest in this business, please give me your
confidential contact phone number so that i will start the arrangement
on how to send my son ibrahim to meet you face to face and discuss more in
Thank you once again for your interest and waiting for your reply on my
Best Regards,
Mrs Hayat Musah


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