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- Thanks so much for the complement, I am writing you this letter with due respect and harmful of tears,let me explain it a little here, maybe you will understand,my name is Miss Mary Rose Wilhelm 18 years old...... and I lost my parents ( Mr. & Mrs.DOUGLAS WILHELM) for some years back now in an accident, AFTER THE DEATH OF MY PARENTS, I HAD TO STAY WITH MY UNCLE BUT HE TRIED TO RAPE ME, I REFUSED, HE HIT ON ME SO I HAD TO RUN AWAY AND HIDE SOME WHERE HE DO NOT KNOW . BECAUSE I VOWED TO KEEP MY SELF PURE FOR GOD UNTIL THE DAY I WILL MARRY.EVEN IF I END UP MARRYING A NON CHRISTIAN BUT I MUST MARRY AS A VIRGIN.I have $ 7.5 million USD which was made by my late Father before he died and deposited it in a security company as family valuables.Therefore all I seek now is your permision to assist me as my foriegn partner and contact the company for the release of the box and have it transferd to you so that I could come to your country for investment and to further my studies. I have accepted to offer you a resonable percentage of the total sum for your desire to assist me I need your reply urgently so that I can give you more informations Best Regard Miss Mary Rose Wilhelm.


forwardability said…
Thanks for this index; I know how difficult and painstaking is the job. I have catalogued an index to similar indexes (I call it: Pathfinders To Detect Spam), posted yours too, here:
小文 said…
Tina said…
I always receive emails saying that I won something cash, cars etc. Then they ask to reply with some information that they need to know about me. I know it was a scam, but it really frustrates me when I keep on receiving emails like that.

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