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From: Mrs Sabrina Naisincho Nunez

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I am Mrs. Sabrina Naisincho Nunez

The real motive was to express certain Plights; I do not know if you might
help, of course its necessary that you should know my true personality, the
Mail on the other hand might appear so sudden, but please consider this as a
Wish and accept it with a deep sense of humility.

I am Mrs. Naisincho Nunez as said. I am currently residing in Africa;
Formerly, I was leaving in Ecuador with my husband who had also served as an
Ex Deputy Director on joint cooperate trades Union. I had to come here due
To my husband's death; Of course, we were overwhelmed as a situation
happens… I am a woman with two children but my Children decided residing in
America with business colleagues in view of my Aforesaid misfortune it was
sad that my husband colleagues including my two Children where among victims
in the world trade incident of New York in 2001

This situation lead to my husband sudden death and since that time I am
alone Until February 5th 2002 when I was diagnosed of internal chest Cancer,
the Later is now creating much injury within other organs which I am
uncertain About what my future is all about?

Before these happened, my husband businesses were my up most concerns, I
never mind about other values in life. But since the loss of my children and
Works I wish to establish desires to assist helpless families, my husband
Has been helping orphans in orphanage and motherless homes, he had also once
Donated great sum to orphans in war ravaged Eritrea, the Somalia, Sudan, the
Rwanda and some East European Countries, I am becoming sickly right here.
Not only that, my husband made a good saving of Ј11.000.000.00 Million
English pounds in a long-term safekeeping vault in ( Cote d'Ivoire). In
Addition, I did not want the funds to remain indefinitely with the vault if
Any unseen should suddenly happen!

My plights were that my husband state rules respecting foreign partnership
on clearance Quotes with the keeping vault. I would love to present you to
the funds directions if you can grant this cooperation from me. I would Love
to donate 60% for charity purposes while 25% for your cooperate Efforts, I
could want your immediate reply upon acceptance and if you wish, you can
visit me altogether. I am aptly in expectations of your Correspondence,
please Reply.

Thanks Mrs. Naisincho Nunez


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